ADA-Crew  Personnel & Payroll                        


ADA Crew Personnel - ADA-Crew is one of the most powerful Programs available in the Cyprus Market, developed by ADA after more than 35 years of experience in Business Applications, based on Cyprus facts and using the latest Art of  Windows Technology.

It is developed in Visual Basic and Crystal Report and is available from small to large organizations under Access or MS-SQL Database and MS-SQL.

ADA-Crewing main features are :

> ERP technology developed by ADA at much lower price than imported Software Packages
> Ready to use, without needing IT Experts
> User friendly (through Icons, Drop Down Menus, Toolbars and Navigator)
> Single or Multi-Company
> Single or Multi-User
> Ship Owners On-Line Real Time Access to their own Vessels and Personnel
> Crew Personnel Cards with :-
          Full Personal Details and photo
          Sea Experience with Own Company
          Sea Experience with Other Companies
          Crew Certificates (attached a picture or photo of the certificates which you may zoom and print)
> Applicants Cards with full Personal Details, Sea Experience, photo, Certificates etc
> Attach on Crew and Applicants Certificates the Certificate Picture, Zoom and Print it
> Access of Crew by fraction of the Name, CDC No, Agent Code,  Special Code
> Relief Planning
> Singing On Crew
> Signing Off Crew
> Vessels Register with Picture
> Vessels Charterers Names (keep record every time name is changed)
> Watch Lists
> Crew Certificates with Expiry Control with attached Original Certificates
> Embarking Lists
> Disembarking Lists
> Crew Lists at any date or period
> Flight Costs
> Sickness Costs
> Leading Staff on Leave
> Contracts of Employment printing
> Agents Reports
> Crew and Applicants Experience Reports (Personal Cards)
> Search the database for Applicants and Crew matching specific criteria
       e.g Age Limit
             Experience on particular Vessel and Engine Type
             Years of Service
             Certificates Hold
             Language Spoken etc...
> Crew History
> Crew Served on Specific Vessel
> Pending Contracts of Employment
> Fitness Report
> Interfaced with Crew Payroll System
> Report Generator