POS & Small Business Software                      


ADA POS is one of the most powerful Programs available in the Cyprus Market, developed by ADA after more than 30 years of experience in Business Applications, based on Cyprus facts and using the latest Art of  Windows Technology.

It is developed in Visual Basic and Crystal Report and is available from small to large organizations under Access.

At ADA we value all of our Clients in the same way irrespective of their size. Therefore we have decided to introduce an alternative to ADA-ERP Software, two low cost Packages ADA-Faccts and ADA-Retail for the small Retail shops, Kiosks and any kind of Small Business.
The reasons are :-
                   > To encourage small Business and Individuals that do not have
                       complicated needs  to take advantage of the Windows Technology
                       Software at a low cost.
                   >  To contribute and participate in the Campaign against Pirate Software
                       and encourage the use  of original Software.
                   >  To offer an alternative to the Imported low cost Software from a Software
                        developed in Cyprus based on Cyprus reality.
The two new packages are :
                      a) ADA-Faccts (Accounting)
                b) ADA-Retail  (Accounting, Stock Control, POS)
The above Systems are smaller versions of the Powerful ADA ERP Systems ADA-Accs and ADA-Stock
They are developed in Visual Basic and Crystal Reports and are available under Access Database.
ADA-Faccts covers only the Accounting Software and is for Small Business or Individuals that do not need Stock Control Software.
ADA-Retail is a complete Software for Small Business such as Retail Shops and any other Small Business and includes 3 modules in one:

ADA-Retail main features are :

> ERP technology developed by ADA at much lower price than imported Software Packages
> Ready to use, without needing IT Experts
> User friendly (through Icons, Drop Down Menus, Toolbars and Navigator)
> Very Easy to Use
>  Fully password Protected
>  Running on any version of Windows
>  Printing on Any kind of Printer (Laser, DeskJet, etc)
>  All Reports shown on Screen and optionally printed
>  Exports of Reports to Excel, Word, Text File, Lotus, HTML, Adobe (PDF), email etc
>  Graphical Presentation of Results
                        1)  ACCOUNTING
                                 Standard Chart of Accounts in Greek / English
                                 General Ledger Accounts
                                 Customers Accounts  Ledger
                                 Suppliers Accounts  Ledger
                                 Invoices, Credit Notes and Receipts printed with your company logo  on A4, A5 paper etc.
                                 VAT Statements and Analysis fully compliant with EU regulations
                                 Debtors & Creditors Statements & Control
                                 Comparisons with Previous Year
                                 Financial & Management Reports (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Ageing Analysis)
                                 Automatic interface with POS and Stock Control
                       2)   POINT OF SALE (POS)
                                 Fast Cash & Credit Sales
                                 Automatic Interface with Accounting
                                 Supporting Cash Drawer and Customer Display Unit
                                 Sales Returns with Vouchers Printing
                                 Direct Sales from other Stores, without needing to do items transfers during sales
                                 Full Support of Bar Code Readers , Reading and Printing Labels
                                 Access of Items by Bar Code, Item Code, Part of Item description
                                 Daily Cash Analysis - Z (Cash, Cheques, Credit Cards, Travellers, Cheques, Credit Notes, Gift Vouchers, Items Returns)
                                 Hourly Statistics
                                 Printing of Receipts on any printer including Thermal Printers
                                 Prints Invoices, Credit Notes with your company logo on A4, A5 paper etc.
                       3)   STOCK CONTROL
                                 Items Grouping & Classification
                                 Retail, Whole Sale Prices
                                 Purchases from Suppliers
                                 Stock Control (minimum  Stock, Reorder Level, Slow Moving Items, Fast Moving Items)
                                 Transfers between Stores
                                 Stock Costing and Stock Valuation
                                 Items Price Lists with pictures of items
                                 Sales Statistics by Items and Customers
                                 Purchase Statistics by Items and Suppliers
                                 Profit & Loss by Item and Customer
                                 Automatic Stock Taking using Hand Held Devices
                                 Automatic Interface with Accounting &  POS
Our Clients can upgrade at any time by just paying the difference in price, to our ERP Accounting and ERP Stock Control