ADA-ERP Stock Control                   


ADA Stock System - ADA-STOCK is one of the most powerful Programs available in the Cyprus Market, developed by ADA after 35 years of experience in Business Applications, based on Cyprus facts and using the latest Art of  Windows Technology.

It is developed in Visual Basic and Crystal Report and is available from small to large organizations under Access or MS-SQL Database and of course MS-Cloud.

ADA-Stock main Modules (all in one) are :

            >     Stock Control
             >      Sales Orders Processing
                             (Tender (Quotation), Follow Up, Order, Proforma Invoice,
                              Delivery of Goods (full or partial orders), Way Bill,  Packing List,
                             Invoice, Cash Sales, Returns and Credit Notes)
            >       Purchase Orders Processing
                             (Requests, Tenders Received (Quotation), Follow Up, Orders to
                              Suppliers,  Received Goods (full or partial orders), Suppliers
                              Invoices,  Returns to Suppliers and Suppliers Credit Notes)
            >      Stock Valuation (Weighted Average Method, Sale or Cost price)
            >      Bill of Materials (BOM)
            >      Point of Sale  (POS)
            >      Consignments
            >      Rentals & Free Loans
            >      Warehouses & Bonded Stores
            >      Management Statistics (Items, Clients, Suppliers, Profit & Loss)
            >      Bar Codes Labels Reading & Printing   
            >      Automatic Stock Taking with Hand Held Devices
            >      Automatic Interface with ADA-ACCOUNTING
ADA-Stock covers the needs of any company & organization from small to large.

ADA-Stock main features are :  

> ERP technology developed by ADA at much lower price than imported Software Packages
> Ready to use, without needing IT Experts
> Single or Multi-Company
> Single or Multi-User
> Multi-Store (no limit in the number of Store Rooms, or Sale Locations)
> Wide Area Network for Multiple Branches
> Full Password Protection for every function for every user
> User friendly (through Icons, Drop Down Menus, Toolbars and Navigator)
> Unlimited Number of Items , Transactions etc
> Various VAT types with Automatic Calculation of VAT
> VAT included or added in Price
> Items Data with an optional picture of the Item
> Various Types of Prices (Retail, Wholesale etc)
> Special Prices for a Period (Special Offers), Customer, Group of Items etc
> Items Manufacturing data (optional for Manufacturers)
> Sales Orders Processing and Invoicing :-
          Tenders to Clients
          Tenders follow Up
          Orders from Clients
          Orders Follow Up
          Way Bills
          Proforma Invoices
          Cash Sales, Credit Sales, Consignments
          Sales and Invoicing in Local and Foreign Currency
          Retail and Wholesale Sales etc
          Sales Returns and Credit Notes
          Statistics (Lost Tenders, Pending Tenders, Orders Received)
          Sales of Second Hand Items
>  Purchase Orders Processing
          Requests for Tenders from Suppliers
          Placement of Orders to Suppliers
          Orders Follow Up
          Suppliers Received Orders and Invoices
          Purchases Returns
          Purchases in Foreign Currency
> Bar Codes reading
> Bar Codes Labels Printing
> Access of Items by Description, Part of Description, Item Code, Bar Code,  Manufacturer Code (no need to remember item codes)
> Easy to use Point of Sale method for Shops etc
> Automatic Printing of Invoices with your logo
> Input of Manual Invoices
> Discounts per Item, Client, Groups of Items at Item level and Invoice Totals
> POS Sales with analysis of amount Received (e.g Cash, Vouchers, Credit Cards etc)
> POS Sales with Cash Drawer Interface
> Way Bills - Way Bills automatic turned into Invoices
> Sales Returns with issuing of Credit Notes
> Consignments of Goods (Sales and Invoices)
> Commissions  Analysis to Sales Persons
> Consolidated Stores
> Transfers between Stores
> Free , Scrapped and Wasted Items
> Reorder Levels
> Minimum and Overstock Stock Items Warnings
> Items on Rentals / Loan basis
> Issues and Receipts from Production
> Invoices Analysis by Customer
> Stock Availability Report
> Daily or for any period Cash Analysis - Z
> Sales Analysis by Area, Salesperson, Type of Business
> Stock Valuation using the Weighted Average Method and other methods
> Sales and Purchases Statistics by Item, Group, Customer, Supplier etc...
> Profit and Loss per Item and per Customer
> Top Ten, Top Twenty and Top 100 Customers
> Top Twenty Products
> Statistics on most busy days and hours
> Graphics Generator
> Interface with Excel, Word , e-mail,  HTML, Text, Adobe, Lotus  etc
> On Line Manual and Help for every module
> Interface with Accounting automatically (when issuing an Invoice the Accounts are automatically updated) and Job Costing
> Interface with Point of Sale Terminals for Restaurants , Bars , Hotels etc.
> Interface with Bar Codes Readers for automatic POS Sales
> Interface and Handheld terminals to read the Items and automatically do Stock Taking