ADA- ERP Job Costing         


ADA Job Costing and Timesheets System - ADA-COST is one of the most powerful Programs available in the Cyprus Market, developed by ADA after more than 35 years of experience in Business Applications, based on Cyprus facts and using the latest Art of  Windows Technology.

It is developed in Visual Basic and Crystal Report and is available from small to large organizations under Access or MS-SQL Database and MS-Cloud.

It is suitable for Auditors, Accountants, Constructors, Engineers, Lawyers, Machines Maintenance & Rentals and any other Business that wish to keep proper Costing by Client , Employee etc.
ADA-Costing can cover the needs of any company & organization from small to large.

ADA-Costing & Timesheets main features are : 

> ERP technology developed by ADA at much lower price than imported Software Packages
> Ready to use, without needing IT Experts
> User friendly (through Icons, Drop Down Menus, Toolbars and Navigator)
> Interface with Excel, Word , e-mail, Adobe (PDF), HTML, Text , Lotus etc
> Single or Multi-Company
> Single or Multi-User
> Intergraded with Accounting for Customers Accounts (optional)
> Intergraded with Stock Control for Materials Used  (optional)
> Intergraded with Payroll for Employees Salaries  (optional)
> User defined Parameters such as Project Kinds, Job Kind, Type of Employee Rates and Projects Locations
> Unlimited Number of Parameters, Jobs, Projects and Timesheets
> Employee Rates Charging & Cost Rates by Job Kind and Project Location
> Employees Overtimes Rates
> Projects Register per Customer including agreed details such as beginning & ending date, amount agreed,
          estimated costs of labour, materials,  Subcontractors. Estimated hours of completion
> Job Register per Customer (register individual jobs done for a Customer ie. Audit, Accounting, Secretarial etc)
> Daily Timesheets Register per Employee, Kind of Job, Normal Hours worked
   (overtime hours are calculated automatically)
              All Reports are selected by various options such as period of dates, Customer, Project, Job Kind etc
                   so you can have multiple reports with various combinations
> Parameters Report
> Employee Rates Report
> Kind of Projects Report
> Jobs Register Report     
> Analytical Time Sheets by Employee Reports
> Summary Time Sheets by Employee Reports
> Summary Hours by Employee Reports
> Times Sheets Report by Projects / Jobs Reports Analytical
> Times Sheets Report by Projects /Jobs Reports Summary
> Analytical Timesheets by Projects / Date
> Jobs Status Reports
> Jobs Performance Reports
> Profit & Loss Reports by Project / Client / Employee
> Projects Costs Variance Reports
> Pending Jobs Control