ADA-ERP Enterprise Resource Planning                         




ADA COMPUTER SOFTWARE has developed the

                                                    The 1st ERP Software made in Cyprus !

                                              Advantages of ADA-ERP

> Much Cheaper than imported Packages. Prices from 4000 EUR!
> For medium and large Companies
> Developed in Cyprus, based on Cyprus facts
> Free Training at Clients Premises
> Very small Implementation time at NO COST
> No need to employee IT Experts
> Much easier to use and more User friendly
> With local support directly from the development team
> Small Annual Maintenance fee
> Running under Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL) or Microsoft Access for fewer users
> From 5 Users upwards
> The Main Modules of ADA ERP are :
      General & Financial Accounting (Single or Multi-Currency / Singe / Multi-Company)
      Stock Control
      Sales Orders Processing
      Purchase Orders Processing
      Payroll & Leave Control
      Provident Fund
      Fixed Assets Register
     Jobs Costing and Timesheets

All modules of ERP are automatically integrated with ACCOUNTING which is the central ERP module.

Furthermore :- Developed using Microsoft Technology Visual Basic and Crystal Reports.

The Main Functions of ERP Modules are:

                    1.  General and Financial Accounting - ADA-ACCS
                                  General Ledger Accounts Details
                                  Debtors & Creditors Details
                                  Automatic Transactions
                                  Audit Trial Reports
                                  Debtors & Creditors Control
                                  VAT Control
                                  Budget Control
                                  Management Reports & Graphics
                                  Multi-Currency Option
                                  Ship and Crew Management Option
                                  Provident Fund Option
                                  Greek Version Option
                                  Russian Version Option
                    2.  Stock Control, Invoicing ,Sales and Purchases  - ADA-STOCK
                                  Stock Control
                                  Bar Code Reading and Printing
                                  Stock Valuation
                                  Sales Orders Processing and Follow Up
                                         Request of Proposal from Customers
                                         Preparation of Customer Tender
                                         Tenders Follow Up
                                         Placement of Orders
                                         Allocation of Items to Customer Orders / Production
                                         Orders Execution and Follow Up
                                         Printing of Way Bills
                                         Invoicing to Customers
                                         Orders Statistics (Gained, Lost, Pending)
                                  Purchase Orders Processing and Follow Up
                                         Request for Proposal from Suppliers
                                         Receiving of Suppliers Tenders
                                         Placement of Order to Suppliers
                                         Orders Execution and Follow Up
                                         Allocation of Suppliers Orders to specific Clients Orders
                                         Receiving of Items from Suppliers
                                         Orders Statistics
                                  Sales & Purchases Statistics
                                  Expiry Dates / Lot Numbers
                                  Loans, Rentals or Consignments of Items option
                                  Bill of Materials Option
                  3.  Payroll , Personnel and Provident Fund - ADA-PAY & ADA-PRF
                                  Hourly, Weekly, Monthly Employees
                                  Timesheets and Payroll Generation
                                  Payments by Cash, Cheque, Bank, Automatic Bank Payments
                                  Leave Control
                                  Small HRM module
                                  Crew Payroll Option
                                  Hotel Payroll  Option
                    4.  Fixed Assets Register - ADA-ASSETS
                                  Items Register
                                  Additional Assets
                                  Assets Requisition
                                  Insurance of Assets
                                  Disposal of Assets
                                  Calculation of Acc. Depreciation (internal / tax)
                                  Service of Assets
                                  Maintenance of Assets
                                  Assets Repairs & Service
                                  History of Assets
                                  Auditors Final Assets Summary
                    5.  Jobs and Projects Costing & Timesheets - ADA-COST
                                  Projects Register
                                  Breakdown of Projects in Sub-jobs
                                  Projects Budgets (in Hours and Money)
                                  Materials Used
                                  Projects follow Up
                                  Management Statistics
                                  Profit & Loss by Project