ADA-Ship Management Accounting        


Cyprus… "The Golden Leaf" lying in the Mediterranean Sea and in crossroads of three Continents. The relation of Cyprus with shipping has a history of more than 3500 years. The Greek Sailors settled in the island bringing with them not only their Civilization and Culture but also their strong bonds and love for the Sea.
Ancient Sailing was related with the use of Computers. The most ancient computer is not less complicated than the modern computerized navigational equipment on board ships. It was discovered in a Greek ship which sank off the coast of the island of Antikithyra around the year 65 B.C.
Since 1972, Cyprus has become an International Maritime Centre offering excellent facilities to the Shipping Community, with ever more Ship managers / Owners choosing Cyprus as their Operational Base.
ADA has foreseen the growing need for Ship management / Ship owning and Charterers quality Software and has been committed to develop and satisfy the needs of the Local and Offshore Ship owners. More than 25 Offshore Companies, in Cyprus and Abroad , including some of the biggest in the world, entrusted ADA for their computerization. Our first computerization was HANSEATIC SHIPPING CO. LTD since 1986 (the year ADA was established) and the latest in 2013, Medstar Ship management, WHH (Cyprus), Eastern Mediterranean Ship management (EMS) and Uniqa Marine Services.
ADA Ship & Crew Management Accounting is one of the most powerful  Programs available in the Cyprus Market, developed by ADA after more than 35 years of experience in Business Applications, based on Cyprus facts and using the latest Art of  Windows Technology.

It is developed in Visual Basic and Crystal Report and is available from small to large organizations under Access or MS-SQL Database.

Suitable for :

            Ship managers (Full or Crew Management - Lump sum Vessels)
         Ship Owners
         New Buildings
         Marine Insurance Agents
         Average Adjusters 

ADA-Ship management Accounts main features are :

> Special Accounting Version for Ship & Crew Management Companies
> ERP technology developed by ADA at much lower price than imported Software Packages
> Ready to use, without needing IT Experts
> User friendly (through Icons, Drop Down Menus, Toolbars and Navigator)
> Unlimited number of Users (True Multi-User)
> Multi-Currency, Multi-Company, Consolidated Accounts
> Multi-Cost Centres (up to 999 Vessels, Companies, etc)
> Full password protection for every user for every function (Add, Edit, View, Delete)
> Viewing all Reports on Screen
> Print all Reports on any kind of Printer :- Laser, Inkjet, Dot Matrix
> Standard frequently used Options for all Reports (just press a key)
   Includes all the features of ADA-ERP Accounting
   Unlimited Number of Full Management Vessels
   Unlimited Number of Crew Management Vessels
   Unlimited Number of Related & Associated Companies
   All Vessels & Companies under the Same Section of Accounts
   Voyage Accounting
   Up to 15 Levels of Accounts Classification
   Vessels Static Data (eg. flag, GRT, Call Sign etc)
   Full Multi-Currency Facilities
   Automatic creation of a New Vessel or Company from an existing similar chart
   Intercompany & Inter-vessels Control Accounts, automatically updated
   Special Transaction Types for Automatic Entries
   Outstanding, Overdue & Paid Invoices from Suppliers, with Payments Allocations
   Outstanding, Overdue & Paid Invoices from Clients with Receipts Allocations
   Each Vessel or Company treated as separate entry, although full integrated within the Group, thus having individual Reports (e.g Trial Balance,
      or Consolidated)
   Profit & Loss for each Vessel , Company Separately
   Balance Sheet for each Vessel , Company Separately
   Consolidated Profit & Loss for the whole Group or per Group of Vessels
   Consolidated Balance Sheet for the whole Group Company or per Group of Vessels
   Vessels and Company Operational Costs
   Budgets Control , including revised Budgets
   And many more...
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Some Shipping related Organizations using ADA Software are :-
                             Cyprus Shipping Chambers   CSC
                             Cyprus Shipping Association  CSA
                             United Stevedoring Company USC
                             Port Authorities Roster System at Limassol Port
                             Cyprus Seaports Operations
                             Cyprus Ship Owners Employers Association