ADA-ERP Accounting          


ADA General Accounting System, ADA-ACCS is one of the most POWERFUL and the most EASY TO USE ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE available in the Cyprus Market, developed by ADA after 35 years of experience in Business Applications, based on Cyprus facts and using the latest Art of  Windows Technology.

It is developed in Visual Basic and Crystal Report and is available from small to large organizations under Access or MS-SQL Databases and of course MS-Cloud.

ADA-Accounts main Modules (all in one) :

                     >     Nominal Ledger - General Ledger Accounts
                     >     Sales Ledger - Accounts Receivable
                     >     Purchase Ledger - Accounts Payable
                     >     Single - Multi-Currency
                     >     Single - Multi-Company
                     >     Single - Multi Cost Centres
                     >     Available in Greek, English and Russian
                     >     Fully secured with strict password protection for each function & each user
                     >     Financial Statements, Reports & Graphs
                      >    Operational Reports & Graphs
                     >     Debtors Control with Ageing Analysis, (up to 6 periods)
                     >     Credit limits,
                     >     Automatic issue to CLIENTS of reminders, statements, Invoices, Receipts, Credit Notes
                                     via emails   
                     >     Creditors Control similar to Debtors Control
                     >     Outstanding Invoices Allocation (Debtors/Creditors)
                        >     Statements of Accounts automatic sent via email (e.g. Debtors Reminders)
                     >     Automatic Sending of SMS to Clients, Suppliers, Associates Mobiles
                            (e.g.  Balance Due Reminders, Announcements, Greetings etc)
                         >     Audit Trial Controls
                     >     Banks Reconciliation
                         >      Credit Cards Reconciliation
                     >     Clients Invoices Reconciliation
                         >     Suppliers Invoices Reconciliation
                         >     Cash Position Statement
                     >     Budgets Control
                     >     Vat Statements & Analysis & VIES Form through TAXISNET
                     >     Invoices, Credit Notes, Cheques, Payment Vouchers automatic printing
                     >     Calendar, Diary, Calculator
                     >     Address Book and Labels Printing
                     >     Report Generator
                     >     Company at a glance (check all you need to know about your company in one page)
                         >     Company at a glance (check all you need to know about your company in one page)     


ADA-Accounts covers the needs of any company & organization from small to large.


Special Versions for :


                         >    ACCOUNTANTS & AUDITORS
                                    Unlimited Companies, Multi-Currency, Unlimited Users
                         >    CONSTRUCTORS & DEVELOPERS
                                    Multiple Projects Control of Income and Expenses
                                    Profit & Loss by Project
                         >    SHIP & CREW MANAGEMENT
                                    Multiple Cost Centres, Vessels Functions
                                    Consolidated Accounts and individual Accounts for  the mother company and each Vessel
                                    Vessels Budgets, Outstanding Suppliers Orders & Invoices
                                    Vessels Operation Costs
                         >    SMALL RETAIL Shops & Small Business
                                    Low cost Software from Clients, Suppliers,  from VAT Stement to Management & Financial Reports

ADA-Accounts main features are :   

> ERP technology developed by ADA at much lower price than imported Software Packages
> Ready to use, without needing IT Experts
> User friendly (through Icons, Drop Down Menus, Toolbars and Navigator)
> Single or Multi-Company (use copy paste to automatically create a new company in any currency)
> Single or Multi-User
> Single or Multi-Currency
> Single or Multi-Cost Canters
> Multi-Lingual - English, Greek, Russian
> Full password protection for every user for every function
> Viewing all Reports on Screen and if you wish you can print them or export them to Excel, Word, PDF, email, text etc
> Print all Reports on any kind of Printer : Laser, Inkjet, Dot Matrix
> Standard frequently used Options for all Reports (just press a key)
> Find every Account, Group, Transaction Type by part of Name (forget the codes)
> Unlimited number of Accounts, Entries, etc
> Tree Structure Chart of Accounts up to 15 Levels of Analysis
> Pre-defined Chart of Accounts in English and Greek (change it or make your own)
> Automatic VAT Calculation on Transaction Entries
> Transactions Wizard for automatic double entry (user defined) -  Saves the user a lot of time since transactions can be predefined
> Optional Double currency for each Account
> User defined Rates of Exchange (editable during Entries or entered at the time of transaction)
> Real Time posting of Entries
> Unlimited Lines for every Transaction Entry
> Recurring Transactions
> Copy Paste Transactions
> Automatic Reversal Entries
> Automatic written off amounts (Debtors and Creditors - with user defined amount)
> Enter transactions without Opening Balances (you can record them at any time)
> Opening Balances Automatic transfer from previous year (at your request) with P&L as many times you wish
> Work at the same time on many years, many programs, many functions (just minimize)
> Automatic printing of VAT form including Acquisition Accounts for E.U. through TAXISNET for Goods & Services
> VAT Sales Invoices Analysis
> VAT Purchases Invoices Analysis
> VAT Exceptions Report (to eliminate User Mistakes, on VAT refundable)
> VAT VIES Form through TAXISNET
> Automatic issue to CLIENTS of reminders, statements, Invoices, Receipts, Credit Notes, Proformas
                                        via emails   
> Control Reports for Missing Documents (e.g. Cheques, Receipts) etc
> Budgets Control with Comparison Figures
> Graphics Generator                     
> Interface with Excel,  Word, E-mail, Adobe (PDF), HTML, Lotus, Text etc
> On Line Manual and Help for every module
> Management Inquiries on Screen
> Management Reports and Graphs
> Financial Statements with Auditors Control Facilities
> Comparison of Financial Statements with Previous Years for any period
> Statements of Account with Ageing Analysis
> Statements of Account with Accrued Interest
> Statements of Account spanning over a year (multiple years Statements)
> Statements of Account sent via email
> Reminders of amounts due by Debtors can be generated automatically and sent via email
> Debtors Reminders for Overdue Amounts
> Statements of Account in Dual Currency
> Advanced Audit Trial facilities with detailed Transactions Reports
> Enhanced Debtors and Creditors Control
> Debtors and Creditors Credit Limits in Days and Amounts and Discounts
> Debtors Invoices Allocation and Payments (full or partial) according to terms
> Creditors Invoices Allocation and Payments (full or partial) according to terms
> Debtors Ageing Analysis with user defined periods
> Creditors Ageing Analysis with user defined periods
> Debtors Turnover Statistics
> Creditors Turnover Statistics
> Twelve Months Balances of any Account
> Twelve Months Movement for any Account
> All Reports and Financial Statements selected for any period of dates
> Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet with previous Year comparisons for any period
> Free Style Invoices, Proforma Invoice, Receipts, Credit Notes, Payment Vouchers, Reminders etc...
> Print your company logo on Invoices, Receipts, Statements etc...
> No need for Pre-printed Invoices, Receipts etc (optional)
> Cheques Printing for Accounts Payable
> Report Generator
> Accrued Interest Calculation for Debtors and Creditors with user defined interest rate
> Automatic Transfer of Balances to Next Year at any time
> Comparative Figures for Current and Previous Years
> True Multi-Company with Easy Company Setup (Just copy from similar company)
> Mailing and Labelling System
> Appointments and Diary System
> Automatic Transfer of Data from any Other Accounting System in the Market so to help our Clients for an easy change
   without re-entering the chart of Accounts, Transactions Entries etc
> Fully Integrated with all other ADA-Software. ie. Stock Control, Payroll, Job CostingFixed Assets, Ticketing, Insurance, Shipping Shipmanagement
   etc with facilities such as when issuing an Invoice from Stock Control to automatically update the Accounts
> Open Database under MS-Access or MS-SQL
> Running Under any version of Windows for PCs and Servers
> Automatic Data files Recovery in case of files corruption
> Banks and any other Accounts Reconciliation (e.g. Debtors, Creditors Statements)
> Company at a Glance (In one page you may see the status of your company, including Cash Position Statement)